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Subject: [ebxml-cppa-ws] Agenda for ebXML CPPA Face to Face June 3 to 5,Reston Virginia

Please review the included agenda and let me know of additions or needed changes.

Please save the times for the dial in sessions that you will attend.

David Smiley will have the dial in information soon for us.

Subteam presenters should send a copy of their presentations to the list so we can project them.

Dale Moberg


Agenda for the OASIS June 3 to June 5, 2002

Face to Face Meeting in Reston Virginia at Mercator.


Monday, June 3, 2002


8:30-9 Discussion of Agenda and Additions or Changes to Agenda for June 4 or June 5.


9-12 CPPA Negotiation SubTeam: Marty Sachs




1 PM Yukinori Saito Presentation.

2-4 Web Service Integration: Arvola Chan and Pallavi Malu


Tuesday, June 4, 2002


9-10:45 Transaction Support:  Tony Fletcher and Himagiri Mukkamala.


11 New Requirement Review: Open


WEDI Requirements

AIAG Requirements


Noon Lunch


1-3 CPPA Negotiation Session


3:30-5 Other Enhancements

Security: SAML XACML, CPPA wsdl:binding



Generalizations for other XMLMessaging patterns.

Generalizations for other Choreography notations.


Wednesday, June 5



Prioritization of Enhancements and Initiatives

Assembly of action items.

Initialization of Issues Database.


Noon: End of sessions



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