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Subject: Re: What is the purpose of the NamespaceSupported element?

The puspose is to allow each party to define which namespace
qualified SOAP extensions it supports. These extensions are
in addition to the ebXML extensions defined in the ebMS 1.0
specification such as the cited references to S2ML (now
called SAML), etc.

I see no reason why the ebMS namespace couldn't be included
in the list. Maybe that would make things a bit clearer.
Since the ebMS specification already defines how a Signature
will be used, it isn't clear that this needs to be added,
but again, it wouldn't hurt IMO.



> Arvola Chan wrote:
> The entire description of the NamespaceSupported element currently consists of:
> 'The NamespaceSupported element identifies any namespace extensions supported by the messaging
> service implementation. Examples are Security Services Markup Language[S2ML] and Transaction
> Authority Markup Language[XAML]. For example, support for the S2ML namespace would be defined as
> follows:
> <NamespaceSupported location = "http://www.s2ml.org/s2ml.xsd" version =
> "0.8">http://www.s2ml.org/s2ml</NamespaceSupported>'
> I find the above description rather obscure. It is not clear to me how an implementation would
> actually makes use of this information. The Messaging Service spec does not refer to any such
> concept defined in the CPA.
> The example in Appendix A shows:
> <tp:NamespaceSupported tp:location = "http://ebxml.org/project_teams/transport/messageService.xsd"
> tp:version="0.98b">http://www.ebxml.org/namespaces/messageService</tp:NamespaceSupported>
> <tp:NamespaceSupported tp:location =
> "http://ebxml.org/project_teams/transport/xmldsig-core-schema.xsd"
> tp:version="1.0">http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig</tp:NamespaceSupported>
> Is the namespace http://ebxml.org/project_teams/transport/messageService.xsd explicitly identified
> to show that ebXML Messaging Service is used? Does it hurt if the above namespace is not
> explicitly identified? Similarly, must the namespace
> http://ebxml.org/project_teams/transport/xmldsig-core-schema.xsd be explicitly identified if
> XMLDSIG is used? Isn't it already known that the Messaging Service calls for the use of XMLDSIG
> for sigining purposes?
> Thanks,
> -Arvola

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