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Subject: <1.0 bug> attributeFormDefault in Appendix D is not compatible withexamples in Appendix A & B

In Appendix D, line 2932, attributeFormDefault is set to unqualified, whereas in Appendices A and B, the example CPP and CPA instances all refer to qualified attributes (tp: prefixed).
When I attempted to validate the CPA instance in Appendix B against the schema in Appendix D, I got a lot of errors due to lots of required attributes being missing. Most of these errors were fixed when I changed attributeFormDefault in the XSD to qualified.
The remaining errors I got when validating Appendix B against Appendix D were due to reference to an undeclared attribute tp:name in element tp:ServiceBinding, and the missing of the tp:Service element under tp:ServiceBinding. This can be fixed by setting the tp:Service element to the value of the tp:name attribute and omitting the tp:name attribute.

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