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Subject: <1.0 bug> syncReplyMode attribute values are not clearly explained

Section makes no mention of the interaction
between syncReplyMode and reliable messaging.

When reliable messaging is in use, the receiver must
return an MSH level Acknowledgement to the sender
to indicate that the message has been received.

The explanation of signalsOnly, responseOnly, and
signalsAndResponse should clearly indicate if the
Acknowledgement is to be piggybacked on the
response message. If not, will it mean that the
Acknowledgement has to be returned asynchronously?
In that case, the arrival order of the Acknowledgement
message and the response message may be

If the mode is signalsOnly, does it mean that any
applicable response would have to be returned

The meaning of responseOnly is also unclear. Are
the business signals to be returned asynchronously?
Or, are the business signals to be suppressed

Please note that when the mode is signalsAndResponse,
the receipt acknowledgement business signal for the
response message cannot be returned synchronously,
because the responder will have closed the connection
after sending the response. Is it assumed that the receipt
acknowledgement signal will be returned asynchronously?
Or, is this signal supposed to be suppressed?

When the mode is none, can the Acknowledgement
be returned synchronously?

The statement on line 1190: 'The ebXML Message
Service's syncReply attribute is set to a value of
"true" whenever the syncReplyMode attribute has a
value other than "none".' should probably be dropped.
This is because the above attribute appears only in the
Via element, and the Via element is intended 
exclusively for multi-hop messaging.


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