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Subject: RE: 1.0 Questions, response to Hima question 1


I have added a comments to the first question below.
We can follow up tomorrow if time permits.


Hima wrote:
"1) How could you request a Delivery Receipt signed/unsigned
using CPA as the governing document for messaging"

I assume we are talking about Delivery Receipts within the 
ebxml Oasis MSG specification, and not any other flavor.

The MSG spec now has both Acknowledg(e)ments (primarily used
for support of RM) and Delivery Receipts, which are apparently
classified as business level messages.(!) Moreover, the Delivery
Receipts appear to be quite similar to Acknowledgements, and
Acknowledgements can include a Reference and hash of the original
message. I hope that usage and distinctions pertaining to 
all these "signals" or messages
can be one item we get clear on 
at the joint meeting.

I believe that in v1.0, some information about Delivery Receipts
is found under the ../DocExchange/ebXMLBinding/nonRepudiation path,
when the CollaborationRole is for the Response side of a conversation.
Other information is under
a boolean that tells us that the conversation is making use of
and with ebXML bindings, which means to do it "the" MSG way, 
we know we need to return a Delivery Receipt, I think. 

Now, since there is an Ack. with some receipt like characteristics
and a DeliveryReceipt with receipt like characteristics, which is to
be used. I think this is one thing we have to straighten out. We might
disambiguate by means of something in Packaging that indicates whether
the SOAP Header is an Ack or DR. Anyway, I think we need to nail this
down by 1.1. There was a lot of seemingly minor adjustments in MSG 
at the 1.0 level and I am not certain that we tracked them all. 

We also need to investigate whether to remove the scope barriers to
capturing interop info about signals. And how to indicate MSH to MSH
layer traffic and how to indicate APP to APP traffic...

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