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Subject: Security - summary of issues and allocation to versions


	I have attempted to consolidate Martys' changes doc, the security
analysis doc, and issues raised in emails from Arvola.  The text is cut from
the corresponding source doc.  It also suggests my thoughts on where they
might go in the upcoming versions.  How these were allocated- if it "fixes"
something that was in v1.0, then I put it into v1.1; if it was clearly "new"
functionality, then I put it into v2.0; if it wasn't neither of the above,
then it is in v???.  A couple of the big issues, for v1.1, we need to agree
to - 

1) Are profiles and policies something for v1.1?
2) Can we resolve with MSH and BPSS the issue of message "nonrepudiation"?

Please take the attached document as a starting point for discussion.  


Security Issues 01-08-26.ZIP

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