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Subject: Need some information from ebXML technical community to challenge a statement from w3c-er.


I noticed the following on a W3C mailing list today:

EbCPPA - EbXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement - The
Collaboration Protocol Profiles (CPPs) and Agreements (CPAs) which
define a business partner's technical capabilities to engage in
electronic business collaborations with other partners, and the
technical agreement between two or more partners to engage in electronic
business collaboration. Version 1.0 was part of the original ebXML
package, version 2 has significant upgrades and was ratified Dec, 2002.
Although the CPP/CPA framework seems very business oriented, I do not
know of many (or any, to be honest) examples of it being used in

Several companies, including my own, have ebMS based products with some
CPA capabilities that are in use in production. Probably no products yet
fully implement CPA plus Negotiation.

However, if your companies permit, and if your customers permit, I would
appreciate some more evidence on use. Certainly CPPA is not widespread,
but if you can at least testify in support of the existence of
production and pilot usage, please let me know.

Dale Moberg 

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