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Subject: Re: [ebxml-cppa] Need some information from ebXML technical communityto challenge a statement from w3c-er.

>> Moberg: Quote from W3.....Several companies, including my own, have 
>> ebMS based products with some
>> CPA capabilities that are in use in production. Probably no products yet
>> fully implement CPA plus Negotiation.
>> However, if your companies permit, and if your customers permit, I would
>> appreciate some more evidence on use. Certainly CPPA is not widespread,
>> but if you can at least testify in support of the existence of
>> production and pilot usage, please let me know.
> mm1: Sun's Secure Trading Agent supports CPP/A 2.0 (www.sun.com).
> In addition, from ebXML Adoption Report:
>    * Bind Systems
>    * Sonic Software (was Excelon)
>    * Innodigital Co. Ltd, South Korea
>    * Samsung, SDS
>    * POSDATA
>    * KTNET
>    * Yellow Dragon Software 

mm1:  Add Fujitsu.

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