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ebxml-cppa message

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Subject: Agenda for Oct 10, 2003 OASIS ebXML CPPA teleconference, 8 AM PDT

706 679 5113
877 204 8750



1. Announcements and agenda prioritization
   a. Roster maintenance disaster and restoration.
   b. ISO submission news from Karl.
   c. Messaging issue review.
   d. OASIS ebXML BP TC starts Monday October 20.
   e. ECOM on use of ISO codes within PartyId doc.
   f. SAML for Messaging, what CPPA changes or conventions needed. 
   g. XML 2003 TC meeting rooms possibly available.
2. Subteam status reports
   a. Negotiation.
   b. WS.
3. Errata issues discussion.
   a. OtherPartyActionBinding MUST use language, updated by Marty.
   b. Use of Simple SOAP envelope and addition to clarify IDREF
4. PartyId doc, procedure discussion.

5. Adjourn

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