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Subject: Re: [ebxml-cppa] Moberg 5/23/2004: Use of Substitution Groups

>> mm1: Dale,
>> In the informal F2F in late April, we discussed use of the 
>> substitution groups and increasing extensibility to further support a 
>> service-based approach.  How does this approach align with JAXB and 
>> JAX-RPC (For example, relationship of types of element in a group)?
> Najmi: Here is my experience with latest JAXB and JAXRPC. ebXML 
> Registry 3.0 schema is using element substitution with latest JAXB 
> from JWSDP 1.4 and it seems well supported. We had some trouble with  
> JAXRPC  but I believe that has been fixed within JAXRPC for JWSDP 1.4 
> version.
> ebXML Registry specs use element substitution heavily for extensibility. 

mm2: Thanks, Farrukh. Now, perhaps Dale can answer with the 
extensibility options being placed / discussed for ebCPPA. Regards.

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