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Subject: cppa-v2.1-spec-wd-r01 overview on Friday July 15, 8 AM PDT during CPPA teleconference

Teleconference numbers:

706 679 5113

877 204 8750


SessionID 4806272648#




Overview of the 2.1 maintenance draft and discussion of organizational and editorial issues among TC members.


The attempt has been made to begin to use the recommended artifact identifier naming system that OASIS is in the process of formulating. It will probably  be necessary to fix these again next week L.


I need to check on Copyright boilerplate issues, and one item we need to consider how this work is to be copyrighted and how historic credits are to acknowledged.


I am sure there are some residual issues in both the text and formatting that I hope the TC will help me identify and fix.


I still am working on changes to BPSS 2.0 instances (for EDIINT messaging and HelloWorld web service) so they will be coming in a later package. BPSS 2.0 just altered their schema again this week but it looks like the final change before public review.


Also some CPPA 2.1 schema changes are still needed, and checks on all the examples (at least 9 needed…)


I also converted the old examples of CPPs and CPA to be validated against the new schema (as our changes were to be conservative for past instances). Where should we reference these?


I am leaning toward making all the major examples and schemas into references to avoid severe bloat of the specification. It is now at the fringe of the ability of our text editing tool to handle and I doubt that a stable version incorporating all examples is possible to create. I would like suggestions on this.


We also need multiple formats of the document produced and I will consider how this can be done.


I think we also need a logo change up front. Any views on this?






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