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Subject: Notes from April 28 Teleconference

[Editor is trying to catch up on teleconference notes, and is preparing issue list. Action item on discussions with ebMS on ebMS 3.0 issues will be proposed at OASIS ebMS meeting next week.]


First May 2006 meeting will be May 12.


Dale Moberg



April 28, 2006 OASIS ebXML Teleconference Notes




Sacha Schlegel

Pim van der Eijk

Dale Moberg

Pete Wenzel

Monica Martin



Agenda is at



The TC consensus favored waiting for ebMS 3.0 to stabilize and to incorporate changes in CPPA for ebMS 3.0 in the next CS version.


The TC consensus was that the next CS version might be better viewed as a major version. This versioning issue can be decided when we are closer to having a CS. (We are now at editor’s draft stage only. So we will have CD before CS.)


Dale stated his intention to prepare a list of the items new to the next editor’s draft and put in a spread sheet to track. Documentation is needed to see how far we are from a Committee Draft.




Items for ebMS 3.0 included:


  1. WS-RM policy support?
  2. Pmodes
  3. Conformance profile version?
  4. non-default MPF identifiers used?
  5. Transport changes, check on proposed changes as sufficient.
  6. Will there be multiple MPFs per Action delivery channel configured?
  7. Signal use SOAP:body or attachment?



Dale noted that Sacha would be resuming his role as a consultant and open source contributer and was moving back to Lichtenstein.




ebXML CPPA Teleconference Notes April 28 2006.doc

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