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Subject: Agenda for Friday, May 12,2006 CPPA Teleconference at 8 AM PDT


Teleconference numbers:

706 679 5113

877 204 8750

SessionID 4806272648#



Status of editorial updates made this week. Text for mshSignal delivery channel configuration inserted.

Review of initial issues list to close out editor drafts and start committee drafts.

Discussion of plans for ebMS 3.0 support of modifications to Transport for support of “pull” mode (sending a business document on the HTTP response, with no business document on the HTTP request)

The CanSend will need to point to an instance of the pattern:


The CanReceive will need to point to. Notice that there is currently one or more Endpoints, and this is about the only difference in the type definitions. Document receivers will need to Endpoint information. Should the cardinality be changed to zero or more?





cppa issues.xls

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