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Subject: Tentative Agenda for May 26, 2006, 8 AM OASIS ebXML CPPA Teleconference

Teleconference numbers:

706 679 5113

877 204 8750


SessionID 4806272648#




[ My apologies if I have missed a message and topic. I think there must be a hyperactive spam filter at work for my work email because I did not receive several messages that are in the archive. Please add by replying to this agenda for Friday. ]


0. Focus area





1. Discussion of editorial additions relating to fine grained routing of reliability acknowledgments.


Draft with these changes attached. Change tracking not working so the sections to consult are 8.4.16


8.4.16 MshDeliveryChannel


The MshDeliveryChannel element provides a way to assign a specific DeliveryChannel to return the ebMS 2.0 acknowledgment asynchronously, in response to ebMS 2.0 user requests. The following rules explain how the MshDeliveryChannel value interacts with other information values (defaultMSHChannelId, OverrideMSHChannelId, syncReplyMode) that pertain to the channel used for returning acknowledgments:


·        If the MshDeliveryChannel element is not present, the defaultMSHChannelId value will be used.

·        If the MshDeliveryChannel element s present but the value of the syncReplyMode of the delivery channel referenced in ChannelId indicates synchronous transport, then the element will be ignored

·        If the MshDeliveryChannel is present, and syncReplyMode indicates asynchronous transport and there is an OverrideMSHChannelId, then the MshDeliveryChannel value has precedence.




2. Discussion of list issue on possible optionality of BusinessTransactionCharacteristics.




Monica, Webber, Pim, Sacha, Steve C follow-ups.


2.b Simple CPPA sidebar






3. Sample Transport





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