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Subject: [ebxml-iic-conform] MS Conformance Test suite Draft

Title: MS Conformance Test suite Draft


1. Here is a significantly updated MS conformance test suite draft (V 0.2).
- still some Test Framework material (could be removed later)
- Look at Section 5 in particular: the Test Cases definitions and material.
- Only a sample of 3 test cases, but look at them closely...
because the coverage of all other test cases will involve a lot of cut and paste (and substitute),
we don't want to replicate flaws...
- I believe we need at least, for each test case, the specification of test steps / test material.
The XML transcript of the Test Case (test steps / verification) could be
provided for only a small number of test Cases if we don't have time
(would be generalized in a future version of the test suite?)
Should be anyway a very repetitive job, fairly straightforward, from the test Steps definition.

2. A matching draft of MS Test Framework V0.2 (though it still shows 0.1 on cover)
is available on our OASIS site.





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