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ebxml-iic-conform message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic-conform]


    I lost the last message regarding criteria for "splitting" an 
aggregated test assertion, but I know that you
wanted to define what those criteria would be.  I figure that using some 
examples from the MS Test Requirements
is a good way to do that.  The criteria for splitting the requirement are 

    1) Rigor of splitting the requirement - if the requirement is broad in 
scope, for example requirement 0.1.1 "Supports all mandatory syntax defined 
in Core plus Additional Features" is a large requirement ( essentially 
validation of all generated messages by a candidate MSH )... and would best 
be served as a single assertion that could test any and all occurances ( 
through schema validation ).

Another example would be r1.1.15 "All ebXML extension elements included 
within generated SOAP Envelope, Header and Body elements are namespace 
qualified to: 
This would better be tested on a global scale through validation

2) The test harness does not allow reporting of individual results of an 
aggregated assertion.  If our test harness will allow for reporting the 
possible results of aggregated Assertions, then some of our existing 
"atomic" test Assertions may be consolidated.  For now, it hasn't been 
determined if our harness will support that, so requirements are defined 
using single test assertions.

Hope this helps!

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