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ebxml-iic-conform message

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Subject: VOTE Re: [ebxml-iic-conform] ANNOUNCE: Vote on ebXML MS ConformanceTest Requirements and Annotated MS Specification

I vote to accept the requirements.

On Monday, August 5, 2002, at 12:14  AM, Michael Kass wrote:

> To all,
>    I've modified the ebXML MS Conformance Test Requirements list to 
> reflect changes that some of you have suggested this past week,
> in preparation for voting this week.
>    Attached are an updated conformance requirements list and annotated 
> ebXML MS Specification document showing conformance test requirement 
> coverage. I am also requesting that the documents be placed on the 
> OASIS IIC documents site.
>    The ebXML MS Conformance Test Requirements and ebXML MS Annotated 
> Specification are
> the two documents that you will be voting on this week for submission 
> to the ebXML MS Technical Committee.
>    OASIS requires that a 5 day voting period for proposals within a 
> TC.  Comments, discussion and modifications to this document can
> occur between now and Friday through the IIC conformance mailing list 
> with the goal of resolving any potential problems so that
> a consensus vote can be achieved.  I will announce the result of that 
> vote at the next IIC conference call on Monday, August 12.
>    Please send all of your comments/votes to the ebxml-iic-conform 
> mailing list.
> Thank you,
> Mike
Matthew MacKenzie
VP Research
XML Global Technologies, Inc.
email:  matt@xmlglobal.com
phone: +1 (604) 717-1100x107
cell: +1 (604) 781-4721

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