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Subject: [ebxml-iic-conform] RE: Markup for "MIMEing up" test messages


   I've attached a diagram illustrating how MIME attributes of sent 
messages could be described
in the context of the ebXML Testing Frameowrk.  Basically, 
setting/modifying MIME headers through
XML markup in the Test Case description.
   Examination of returned MIME header values could be done through the 
<MessageFilter> element,
using XPath evaluation and comparison of MIME parameter values passed to 
the processor.
   Hopefully this will help you in your writeup of the MIME portion of the 
ebXML Conformance Test Suite
document.  I think that this can also be a talking point for Hatem 
regarding how to implement the underlying
conformance test driver.
   One interesting possibility for implementing both XML message template 
modification and message query
functions is Apache's Xindice native XML database, which utilizes XUpdate 
and XPath for modification and query of database content.
This looks like a potential open source application that could be used for 
the Test Driver implementation.


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