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ebxml-iic-conform message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic-conform] update

 COnformance team:
Just forwarding an email from Jeff who regrets he could not attend this morning call,
but as we were talking of conformance levels, has some update on it
(as well as on message templates), see below.
And also, MS TC is meeting in October as Jeff mentioned. Anyone going? (I will go very likely)
1. Conformance Profiles: I am in the process of simplifying the conformance profiles trying to get down to 3 profiles.
 I received some feedback on my previous conformance levels/profiles but not very much. So I will try to post my
simplified conformance profiles to the list by the end of the day or by tomorrow morning. If you or anyone in the
group have any last minute comments or suggestions on this issue please send them to the list so I can review them.
        2. Conformance test suite: I am currently reviewing a diagram that Mike Kass sent me dealing with one a
pproach to MIME templates. I will submit my write up to the list in the next few days. I need to email Mike a few
questions I have.
        3. ebXML Messaging F-2-F: The first F-2-F meeting for the next version of Messaging will be in Miami on
October 9, 10. I will be attending this F-2-F. Should the IIC group get any materials together for the Messaging TC
 to review. Should we try to get any IIC materials review on the Messaging F-2-F agenda? Just curious on how you
might want to take advantage of the Messaging F-2-F.
Jeff Turpin

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