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Subject: [ebxml-iic-framework] latest updates section 3.3, 3.4

Title: latest updates section 3.3, 3.4

Mike and al:

Here is an iteration on the latest TestFramework you sent me.
I did not review your updates, but updated Part 1, and merged with yours.
have not yet looked at the message payload synchrionization you mention,
for test service actions, but have tried to clarify test driver mode, also role
of COnfigurator. Please review.
There are still comments at the very end, from Eric: not sure if they have been accommodated.

About my Changes:
- I updated sections 3.3 and 3.4.
- Some changes were annotated <JD2>, some others simply made with "track changes" enabled
(just disable the track mode of the doc, after verifying)
- modified the description of payloadVerify, for recommending use of digest (signature) for comparisons, per our
latest discussion.
- I refined the "COnfigurator" action. It will actually be useful to set some Test Service parameters, at initialisation time.

Yet we do not need to worry about it for each test case. The configurator action can actually be used to send to
a remote Test Service the signature/digests of payloads used in a test suite, needed for future payload verifications,
That way, all Test Service configuration can be done remotely, using standard messages.
- we may need to add a schema for the "verificationstatus" document that we use here and there, in service actions.
- reflected other changes we had before, that were not reported in your latest version.
- can you check section 3.4.2, how it needs to be modified to be in sync with the way we build messages?
(suspect we need to remove these "template" references...)
- in 9.1.4: we should specify what the base CPA is, as it may be needed to remotely "bootstrap" a test harness
configuration by sending initial messages to remote components.
- .




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