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Subject: [ebxml-iic-framework] RE: TestFramework default messages 7.1.3

   The additional info for these sections is great!  We should be able to accomodate the changes fairly easily.
My comments in the attached file.


At 04:27 PM 1/23/2003 -0800, Jacques Durand wrote:


Here are some comments and suggested modifications in sections 7.1.3 and 7.1.4.
I propose to make the use of $parameters (used in example of default message)
more explicit - do you agree with this use that assumes such parameters
are specified in a COnfigurationGroup?
I also have questions tagged <JD>.
(Note that the doc has been truncated after 7.1.3 and 7.1.4 for convenience)



Attachment: ebXMLTestFramework_V0.92_Jan23_Sections_7.1.3_7.1.4_JD_MK.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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