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ebxml-iic-interop message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic-interop] interop update

Title: interop update

Steve, Hatem, Eric:

Here is an incremental update of the Interop suite document, for your review
based on improvement we discussed in past conf calls as well as F-2-F.

- Section 1.2 (concept of operations) is expanded.

- References to third-party tests (here, DGI) has been removed, as this is a general, abstract test suite,
that will be used as a reference by third parties. Comparisons with UCC/DGI test suite will be done separately,
as we expect for other existing test suites (ECOM). (We'll need to do such "comparative evaluations"
if only as a basis for discussion when negotiating with these entities, so that they understand how "compliant"
they are with our tests, and also so that they can give feedback on what may be missing in ours.

- list of Actions of  Test Service (Section 2.2) is slightly updated (configurator, also the message sending behavior
of all these actions is the same whether the Test Service is associated or not with a Test Driver.)

- still need to refine the way a Test Driver will drive the test cases by directly invoking the Test Service "Initiator" action.

- only one interop profile test suite described here for HTTP (Section 3), based on Steve's list of test cases
 as we went through in F-2-F.
It is roughly equivalent to: { DGI, minus conformance tests, minus optional tests, minus HTTP/S }
Detail of test cases (test steps, CPA...) still needs to borrow from Mike's material.
Still to discuss: idea that there is an interop profile for HTTP, another vfor SMTP. (see Section 3.3)




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