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ebxml-iic-interop message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic-interop] Interop spec: current status

Hi Steve:
here is the latest copy of the interop test suite.
Just disable the Tools -> Track Changes in order to clean-up all the changes diffs
(sorry if you already know that: just thought that a Sun guy might not be that familiar with MSWord :)
but I am sure StarOffice has same stuff ;)
So far it seems that the remaining changes are on our side (Mike and I),
yet some overall consistency checking and reading still needed.
We expect the spec to be ready by end of week... for vote this Monday.
Changes made:
- XML test scripts need be added (Mike and I worked on it).
-  set of CPA instances, (described informally) has been added in 3.4.2 (can you check these?
did we nail down the right subset of CPA features?
I think the "Response" / "Response Ack" lines are probably not relevant here.)
- in the test cases, (3.2)  we need to remove mentions of header templates , or envelope templates,
as we don't use that anymore in test scripting. However, for people to have an intuitive view
of what are the message headers and envelopes that go on the wire, we will still show what they should
look like, but more like "sample" headers and envelope. So I will try to propose something here.
That also gives an idea of what the script interpretation should produce as message material.
- 3.3 was added, as a general and explicit overview of what is the exact content of the
 two BIPs variants (one HTTP, the other SMTP). 
- quite a few comments tagged  "<JD>" need be cleaned-up / adressed either by you or us,
same for Monica (mm)
- any other issue to work on?

Attachment: ebMS_Interop_TestSuite_v062.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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