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Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic-interop] Interop spec: V0.7

Mike, Steve and al:
Here is the latest on MS Interop suite (V0.7)
- Please review the test cases: we'll need to add the scripts for each of these
(at the end of each test case, or as a single section after.) I think there are still
a few discrepancies between test scripts (as sent before separately y Mike) and the
test case definitions in spec. (e.g. case 1.4 script should use invalid Service or Action, to generate error)
- I removed all redundant material that was already in TestFramework.
- the message header material (3.4.3) is now presented as "default headers", according to TestFramework
latest update proposal, showing what the script interpretation should produce, and what are the
"parameters" that need be instantiated before executing. No more envelope templates either.
- are the CPA data sets OK? Some of their lines may not be relevant (about "Responses")
- also, I had one last comment on the test case design:
We could have done some test cases with payload differently: instead of using Reflector
and do payload comparison on Test Driver side, after a complete loop, we could have used "PayloadVerify"
which does payload comparison on the remote party (after one way), and send back the result...
That helps debug better, and the other way can be done when running the test suite from the other side...
We could have done that for 1.2, and also for the security tests. Opinion?

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