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Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic-interop] Interop spec V0.8 consolidated with testscripts

Title: Interop spec V0.8 consolidated with test scripts
A quick read through - sorry :( didn't study the tests themselves but here are some comments.
line 25 - like Test Framework recommend a placeholder URL so that when we do have an Errata to go with the document we don't need update this document itself.
line 87 (Section 1.1.3)
Recommend [STANDARD] format style used in many OASIS standards documents e.g. [MIME]
Section 4.1.x - Protocol should be a variable instead of 'HTTP 1.1'
The previous section spoke of parameterized BIP for SMTP,HTTP
Appendix A.
Is "Point-to-Point" or "Hub" test harness specific to ebXML Messaging interoperability or should this be moved
to Test Framework as implementation options of Test Driver in "interoperability" mode ?
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From: Jacques Durand [mailto:JDurand@fsw.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 3:23 PM
To: 'ebxml-iic-interop@lists.oasis-open.org'
Cc: 'michael.kass@nist.gov'
Subject: [ebxml-iic-interop] Interop spec V0.8 consolidated with test scripts


Here is a consolidation of latest spec draft with minor edits + the test scripts that Mike sent out
this morning. I will get it posted on our site.

The main update I see that is needed: enhance the CPA data sets (see 4.1.2): should reflect set-up for
each party, as pointed out in earlier mail (e.g. like in "miniCPA").

- I reformatted the script table to fit in Word doc, and put configuration data (moslty, CPA refs)
in each Test Case header.
- I aligned CPA names with those in spec.
- Test Case #4: some corrections suggested (see comments [JD])

Nevertheless, I'd like to send out the draft to external reviewer eBES group
in Europe, next week, for review, assuming there is no opposition to this.
eBES has already helped review an earlier version of TestFramework before, and they are
gearing up to organize interop testing rounds soon.



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