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ebxml-iic-interop message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic-interop] latest Interop test suite

Title: latest Interop test suite

Steve and All:

Here is my edits to the Interop test suite, added to yours Steve,
as discussed in the f-2-f, for review from everyone.

My main edits are in:
- section 3.2: Global "parameters" of the test suite
- section 3.3.7: success and failure scenarios for Ack test cases.

I also gave a shot at cleaning up the configuration table entries. (see doc in zip)
May not be perfect yet. Pete Wenzel will fix the CPA XPath elements?

So Steve, the ball is on your side to integrate a number of instances (6?) of this table
(or add 1 column for each test case?), to the final spec.





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