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ebxml-iic-interop message

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Subject: Suggestions for a Test Requirements Guideline document

   Here is a proposal of an outline format for the IIC Test Requirements guideline document.
I think that this format would be a good way to introduce a formalized way for OASIS/ebXML
TCs to submit their conformance or interoperability testing requirements.  Comments/suggestions?

Introduction  -

a)      Goals of IIC

b)      TC Participation in defining Conformance and Interop Test Requirements


Definition of a Test Requirement

a)      Preconditions

b)      Assertions

How to Write a Test Requirement

a)      Conformance Requirements

b)      Interoperability Requirements

      c)    XML Representation of Test Requirements the Test Requirements Schema


Submitting Test Requirements to the IIC

a)   To Whom

b) The iterative acceptance process


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