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Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic-interop] Version 0.94 of ebXML MS 2.0 Conformance Test Suite

That looks quite good. I think the content is fine.
I have the following editorial comments:
1. MSH acronym is used several times before being explained (in 1.8.2), we need to explain it the first time.
2. Sec 3.2.1: definition of "test coverage": should refer to "..no matching abstract test case" instead of talking of "executable test case".
3. Sec 3.3.2: needs better formatting (line breaks, color...)
4. Sec 3.3.3: explanation of the table structure not precise enough: "Abstract Message Content: a logical expression based on XPath notation that characterizes the content of the message either to be sent, or to be received." Also: more importantly: we need to explain what the $parameter notation is !!!
5. Section 3.4 "Executable Test Suite" should more explicitly announce the dependency on Test Framework 1.0 in the title:
something like: "Executable Test Suite using ebXML Test Framework 1.0" Also, given that this is really non-normative material
as far as teh ebMS conf test suite is concerned, I believe this section would be more appropriate after all the
abstract test material is described (i.e. after 3.5), instead of cutting in two the test suite. Could even be put in an Appendix. What do you think?
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From: Michael Kass [mailto:michael.kass@nist.gov]
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 9:20 AM
To: Jacques Durand
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Subject: Fw: [ebxml-iic-interop] Version 0.94 of ebXML MS 2.0 Conformance Test Suite

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Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2003 8:15 PM
Subject: [ebxml-iic-interop] Version 0.94 of ebXML MS 2.0 Conformance Test Suite

Jacque and all,
  Here's the latest conformance specification, with updates based upon input during conference calls,
plus Jacques suggestions.
  The changes include:
Jacques wording describing differences between Abstract vs. Executable test cases - section 3.3
Alignment  of  Test Requirements "Abstract Test Case Coverage" column (section 3.2.2) with
abstract test cases, and creation of abstract test cases where needed
Table showing alignment of Abstract with Executable Test Cases

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