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Subject: [ebxml-iic-msg] ebXML-IIC-MS Framework v0.1


Attached is a prototype of our requirements-to-test-execution 
framework.  This includes a set of interfaces, and a prototype 
implementation of those interfaces which embeds ANT 
(jakarta.apache.org/ant) and executes one ANT target for every 
TestRequirement.  To run this on my system, I type:

./run.sh docs/ebXMLRequirements.xml tests.xml

All this does now is executes the ANT build targets, which all do 
nothing, and intercept the ANT BuildEvents and recast them as TestEvents.

I think this shows promise.  Also note that this was just started 
yesterday, no docs :-(

Matthew MacKenzie
XML Global R&D
PGP Key available upon request.

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