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Subject: [ebxml-iic] conference call to vote on


As communicated in our last conference call and in my e-mails, we will be
holding a special conference call on Monday, March 4, per the details below.
The only agenda item is to have a vote on whether we will allow voting by
e-mail for the position of ebXML IIC TC chair that is becoming available
(the standard procedure is to vote in a face-to-face or via e-mail). Please
note that only votes by eligible members (per OASIS rules on meeting
attendance) are counted. Below is the list of such members as of today. If
you feel that you have been omitted from this list in error, please let me

Please also let this list know if you intend to volunteer for the position
of chair. Per my earlier e-mail, please do so with a brief description of
why you think you are the best choice for the position. Also, feel free to
nominate someone else whom you think is best qualified for the position.

The details for the call on Monday, March 4, 2002, are as follows:
Time:           9:00AM Pacific Time (Noon Eastern Time) for one hour
Toll Free:      1-877-434-7266
Long Dist:      1-301-340-5190
Meeting ID#  32965 (ebXML)

The call will be hosted by GE/GXS (thank you, Jeff Eck).

The list of ebXML IIC TC members that are eligible to vote are: Ralph
Berwanger (bTrade), Tony Blazej (OAG), Philippe De Smedt (Agentis Software),
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu), Jeff Eck (GE/GXS), David Fischer (Drummond Group),
Kazunori Iwasa (Fujitsu), Michael Kass (NIST), Matthew MacKenzie (XML
Global), Dale Moberg (Cyclone Commerce), Himagiri Mukkamala (Sybase), Malu
Pallavi (Intel), Jeff Turpin (Cyclone Commerce), Michael Wang (TIBCO), Pete
Wenzel (SeeBeyond), Steve Yung (Sun).


Philippe De Smedt
ebXML IIC TC chair

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