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Subject: [ebxml-iic] Proposal for IIC


As you all know, interoperability is at the heart of adoption of a
standard, and ebXML is no different. While addressing customers, the
first questions asked are: Are you interoperable with other ebXML
solutions? Are you compliant with the specifications?

Attached are my thoughts on IIC process and what we must do, and lessons
we have learned from this kind of effort at RosettaNet (and a test
matrix from RosettaNet). I am sure David Fischer and Rik Drummond would
help us with the EDI AS2, ebXML MS (Phase 1) experiences with GCI to
further this cause. We have also worked with a few vendors in the field
with our ebXML solutions and have learned a thing or two. We are eager
to share our experience.

Please take a look and let the IIC list know your thoughts. We need help
and participation in making ebXML a success!

Prakash Sinha
Product Manager,
IONA Technologies


ebXML-IIC Proposal.doc

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