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Subject: [ebxml-iic] e-mail voting approved for new chairperson


Per the unanimous vote (13-0) taken in the conference call this morning, we
will allow voting by e-mail to fill the ebXML IIC TC chair vacancy. Voting
starts today and continues through 9AM Pacific time on Monday, March 11, at
which time the new chair will be announced in the regularly scheduled
conference call. The one with the most votes wins. Please monitor this list
to see who the candidates are. If you intend to be a candidate and have not
already done so, please send a brief statement of interest to this list.

Present in this morning's meeting were: Sanjay Cherian (Sterling Commerce),
Philippe De Smedt (Agentis Software), Jacques Durand (Fujitsu), Jeff Eck
(GE/GXS), David Fischer (Drummond Group), Kazunori Iwasa (Fujitsu), Michael
Kass (NIST), Matthew MacKenzie (XML Global), Himagiri Mukkamala (Sybase),
Prakash Sinha (Iona), Jeff Turpin (Cyclone Commerce), Pete Wenzel
(SeeBeyond), Steve Yung (Sun).


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