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Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic] minutes Conference Call March 18

Title: Reminder for 9:00AM Pacific Time --> Today ebXML IIC Conference Call Info
Minutes attached.
Reminder: see at the end who to contact for OAG registration - better reserve quickly (today?) for OAG hotel rates
(you may always cancel later if problem).
jacques Durand
ebXML IIC chair

The call-in information for Monday's  
9:00AM PT  (Noon ET) March  18 , 2002 ebXML IIC conference call is as follows: 

Host:         Fujitsu
Date:           Monday,  March  18 , 2001 
Time:           9:00AM Pacific Time (Noon Eastern Time) for one hour 
Toll Free:     1-877-801-2058
Long Dist / Internl:    1-712-257-6652
Meeting ID#  309951


1. Organizational items: new member intro, our relation with other TCs, mail lists/archive.

2. Next face-to-face: where? It seems we have two (non-exclusive) attractive options:
(a) the next OAG meeting at NIST (April 9-11 at Gaithersburg, 
via Baltimore/Washington airports). 
(b) XML Europe (Barcelona)(May 20-23) (OASIS members $100 rebate)
I am personally planning to attend both. The meeting at OAG/NIST has the interest 
of combining OAG tech meetings, with interesting presentations 
(see http://www.openapplications.org, and attached agenda), contact with industry 
users of ebXML, and of course discussions on the OAG Testbed. 
Note this testbed might be the support for future ebXML demos. NIST is
also an important actor in standards implementation / certification. 
A place to visit too (e.g. see atomic clock...): http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/tours.htm
XML Europe will gather cross-TC ebXML members. By that time, we might even be able to 
informally demo - just for the ebXML community - some conformance test early prototype, 
and XML tools associated.

3. OAG Testbed update. What is next.

4. MS Implementation guidelines, status: what topics are covered
what others need editors  (Michael Wang).

5. COnformance testing for MS, status. Overall approach, test cases and XML formulation,
tools considered (Michael Kass, Matt McKenzie)


Mike Kass (NIST)
Jeff Eck (GE/GXS)
Jaques Durand (Fujitsu)
Pete Wentzel (SeeBeyond)
Michael Wang (TIBCO)
David Fischer (Drummond Group)
Tony Blazej (OAG)
Steve Young (Sun)
Himagiri M. (Sybase)
Matt MacKenzie (XMLGlobal)
Sinha Prakash (IONA)
Ann Fisher (DGI)

Jeff Turpin (Cyclone Commerce)


Item #1: 
- Please welcome Ann Fisher (DGI), from Registry-Repository TC, as new member (not voting yet). 
She is editor of RegRep spec, and liaison from this TC to ours (and vice-versa...)
She will certainly help in bringing RegRep expertise to define conformance tests.
- Karl Best just created three new lists (ebxml-iic-msg, ebxml-iic-cppa,
and ebxml-iic-regrep). Everyone who wants to subscribe should go to the subscription page at
http://lists.oasis-open.org/ob/adm.pl to sign up.
- I have asked Karl Best his opinion about creation of cross-TC "conformance testing task forces".
That would be OK.
The principle is: a CTTF for each standard area (MS, CPPA, RegRep,...). In each we would find:
(a) "subject matter experts (SME)", who know the spec well and would define/review test cases for it.
SME belong to other TCs, not necessarily to IIC. (an external SME has no vote on CTTF work
unless joins IIC).
(b) "architects", who know the testbed architecture supposed to run the cases, will check the 
test cases format, help SMEs to write them. 
Given expected similarities in technology/tools/formats, architects are expected to 
be shared across CTTFs.
- I'll then submit the CTTF idea to official vote to IIC (April 1) 
(meanwhile, volunteers in each area can start looking at the conformance clause - is there one? - 
of their standard and think how to test that...)
- it is up to us to also cover BPSS, though no longer under OASIS (but under www.ebtwg.org)
Item #2: 
- We would have two f-2-f meetings: 
- first one joined with OAG/NIST (over April 9-11): tentative agenda:
(1) administrative matters. How to cooperate with other groups, to support them and in return
leverage their resources/assets/experience: NIST, OAG, RosettaNet, other ebXML TCs.
(2) review of OAG Testbed design.
(3) review proposed MS conformance test cases, (possibly some for BPSS / CPPA), 
the testbed architecture design supposed to run them, and technology assumed (tools, mode of use).
Note: we might have a 1st ebXML meeting Wed PM (1h), and certainly Thu either AM (parallel with some
technical OAG tracks, or/and PM 2-4.
- second one at XML Europe Barcelona (May 20-23): tentative agenda:
(1) in-depth review of MS conformance test cases (and alpha prototype demo?), test case designs, 
validation technique, XML & scripting tools involved.
(2) review of other ebXML standard conformance - how much can we reuse?

Item #3: 
- OAG Testbed update (Tony Blazej). We'll post any related doc (where IIC involved) on IIC site.
If you want to learn more on OAG Testbed, ask Tony: ablazej@openapplications.org
about getting access to their site.
- Testbed expected to be ebXML MS-enabled by end of Q2.
- The testbed has users and contributors  interested in BPSS as well (Sybase, Excelon)
- This Friday 22nd (11am PST) the Testbed team sets up a conf call on ebXML upgrade.

Item #4:
- MS Implementation guidelines, (Michael Wang) status: initial draft, still need more input.
(Mike, should we contact individual developers we know are implementing, and "interview" them?)
Will be published on IIC site. Mike will broadcast for review.

Item #5:
- MS Conformance testing: (Mike Kass / Matt McKenzie), work on test case definitions
(produced first an XML description of test items required by conformance.)
They are defining XML schemas for these definitions, and also for comparing/validating
 with reference output. Also considering which tools can contribute to testing/validation. 
- these definitions would be processeable by a testbed framework, in a very generic way.
- will produce a first draft by early April.


- next IIC call: April 1st (hosted by GXS, Jeff Eck)
- please contact Michelle Davis [mdavis@openapplications.org] from OAG, she
will take care of your hotel reservation (OAG rate?). You'll have to pay $200 for
OAG conference registration.

Jacques Durand
ebXML IIC chair

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