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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic] RE: OAG/ebXML meeting

Title: Reminder for 9:00AM Pacific Time --> Today ebXML IIC Conference Call Info
1. Reminder that we have additional sublists for conformance sub-groups:
(see the last meeting minutes I sent on Monday,  item #1, to get these lists, and how to subscribe)
So far, ebxml-iic-msg is "active".
2. Quick poll on f-2-f at OAG/NIST: how many are (1) planning to go or sure to go, (2) still TBD, (3) not going for sure?
We are putting together an agenda with Tony Blazej. The meeting would have an ebXML Track + joint
sessions with OAG for presentations of interest to us. Would start Tuesday 9th in morning (ebXML track starts 10:30),
and terminates Thursday 11th (either around lunch, or ~ 2pm)
jacques Durand
IIC chair

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