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Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic] OAG / ebXML meeting in April: proposed agenda

Title: Reminder for 9:00AM Pacific Time --> Today ebXML IIC Conference Call Info
Hi Jacques,
This might already have been discussed but could a phone-in option be setup so I can attend by phone?
-----Original Message-----
From: Jacques Durand [mailto:JDurand@fs.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 9:44 PM
To: ebxml-iic@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-iic] OAG / ebXML meeting in April: proposed agenda

This is a proposed agenda for the OAG/NIST/ebXML joint meeting on April 9-11.
This meeting, hosted by NIST at their Gaithersburg facility near Washington DC,
could be used to jump start several OAGI and ebXML-IIC work efforts that are synergistic.
During this meeting, we will be involved in three kinds of sessions:
[A]. The "Merged sessions" are "main room" session topics and presentations from OAG  that
are of interest to everyone.
[B]. OAG TestBed & Interoperability + ebXML sessions: open to the testbed & interoperability teams from OAG and all
ebXML IIC members. Focus is on OAG testbed requirements/design, its upgrade to ebXML MS, and overall use the Testbed.
[C]. IIC sessions, purely about IIC-relevant topics (Conformance, Interoperability, Implementation), (possibly open
to external parties?)
NOTE: the main focus will be on the Messaging area of ebXML throughout the meeting, as this is the ebXML
standard which is the most "in demand" for the time being. Other ebXML areas can be addressed but mostly
if /when in relation to the main topics.
Please look over, comment and book your flights now while you still can get 14-day adv. air fares.
Tony & Jacques
---------------- DRAFT AGENDA ----------------
Note: the OAGI has two WorkGroups we will interact with: 
B2B TestBed WG, and the more recent Interoperability WG.
TUESDAY, 04/09/2002
10:30-12:00 [B] Introductions, working with allies, alignment of efforts
13:00-15:00 [C] ebXML Messaging Services: Implementation and  Interoperability aspects 
15:00-16:00 [A] Merged session: Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) Consortium Update
16:00-17:30 [A] Merged session: Interoperability Workshop-What is Interoperability
18:00-20:00 [A] Welcome Cocktail Party
WEDNESDAY, 04/10/2002
08:30-09:30 [A] Merged session: Security Issues with B2B Integration-NIST
Speaker (Tentative)
10:00-11:00 [B] Enabling ebXML on the B2B TestBed work session
11:00-12:00 [A] Merged session: Introducing OAGIS 8.0-Mike Rowell
13:00-15:30 [B] ebXML B2B TestBed Work Group
16:00-17:00 [A] Merged session: NIST Testbed working Session-Nenad Ivezic, NIST
THURSDAY, 04/11/2002
08:30-10:30 [C] ebXML Work Group: review and status of MS Conformance Testing (Matt McK., Michael K.)
10:45-11:30 [C] ebXML Work Group: report/discussion on RosettaNet testing experience (Prakash S.)
11:30-13:00 [C] ebXML Work Group: ebXML MS Interoperability Testing
14:00-15:00 [C] (ebXML Work Group?)

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