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Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic] OASIS ebXML IIC Conference Call Info - Monday Apr il 1at 9:00AM P T (Noon ET)

Title: Reminder for 9:00AM Pacific Time --> Today ebXML IIC Conference Call Info
Just a reminder for conf call Monday - need to vote.
On the agenda:
- April f-2-f meeting logistics and phone-in option.
- XML / Barcelona status, attendence, UN-CEFACT joint meeting
- proposal from XML Global to host a CVS repository for the group, that contains
detailed testing material (Matt McK. / Michael K.)
- status of activities : (1) MS conformance testing, (2) implementation guidelines.
- possible press-release planned from OASIS announcing next IIC outputs (we need to
commit on some deliverable date.)
- two items in "orders of the day", for the TC to agree on  (not motions, as the chair cannot make "motions" I was reminded):
1. The creation of other IIC Conformance sub-group in addition to Messaging (CTTFs for CPPA, RegRep...)
and the opening of these CTTFs to 1 or 2 subject matter experts from the relevant TC, to help define conformance tests
for its specification. This means that, in case these experts do not become -or are not- full IIC members
(though they could) and don't vote on output documents, we still recognize their authority in *helping* us define
and author test cases for their respective specs. (Note: I checked with Karl Best on the feasibility of such cross-teams.
That is OK, knowing that members who remain "external" to IIC cannot vote on the IIC output and process.)
So, if this resolution is adopted, the CTTFs accept the involvment of these experts (to be named by their TC) and
will operate in such a way that the input from these experts is reasonably taken into account, as they may not
want to become IIC member for such a transient contribution.
2. The undertaking of an MS Interoperability effort, in parallel with MS Conformance and MS Implementation Guidelines.
Please see the details of the mission of the MS Interoperability Testing Task Force, attached.
Part of the resolution is also a timing requirement (that would test the team's committment...) :
Given the expertise IIC already has on this topic, a first version of the team's ouput (spec for test cases
and operating guidelines) must be ready by end of May 2002.
Also, setting-up this team should not be detrimental to other current activities, staffwise...
If this resolution is adopted, an MS Interoperability team would be set-up, *only* if it finds members who fulfill these conditions...
Jacques Durand
IIC chair
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From: Eck, Jeffery (GXS) [mailto:Jeffery.Eck@gxs.ge.com]
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 9:58 AM
To: ebxml-iic@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-iic] OASIS ebXML IIC Conference Call Info - Monday April 1 at 9:00AM P T (Noon ET)

Hello OASIS ebXML IIC TC  Members,

The call-in information for the ebXML IIC conference call is as follows  
Date:           Monday,   April 1, 2001
Time:           9:00AM Pacific Time (Noon Eastern Time)
Toll Free:     1-877-434-7266
Long Dist:    1-301-340-5190
Meeting ID#  32965 (ebXML)  

Thanks Jeff Eck - GE Global eXchange Services 
[Jacques Durand] 


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