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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic] Monday 6 minutes

Title: ebXML IIC Meeting in Barcelona Information
1. minutes of last meeting attached
2. New IIC member: Hatem El-Sebaaly from IPNet Solutions [hatem@ipnetsolutions.com]
Hatem was actually involved in past ebXML POC meetings - welcome back!
3. Just for information: could those who plan to go to XML Europe let me (Jeff) know?
Minutes of IIC telecon May 6, 2002
Host: XMLGlobal 
Date: Monday May 6, 2002
Time: 10:00AM PDT, 1:00PM EDT
Number: 1-888-809-4060, intl. 1-416-640-4861
Meeting #: 835639 


Mike Kass (NIST)
Jeff Eck (GXS)
Jaques Durand (Fujitsu)
Hima Mukkalama (Sybase)
Michael Wang (TIBCO)
Anne Fischer (Drummond Group)
Steve Yung (Sun)
Matt MacKenzie (XMLGlobal)
Sinha Prakash (IONA)
Monica Martin (Drake Certivo)
Jeff Turpin (CycloneCommerce)

Rik Drummond (Drummond Group)
Cliff Collins (Sybase)

1 - Conformance test suite for MS. (Matt, Mike)
(Overall structure of Test Cases, test validation, XML tools involved).
2 - Interoperability test suite: review (Prakash, Steve)
3 - Drummond Group donation of its Interoperability Test Suite. IPR aspects. Press release.
4 - Implementation guidelines
5 - Barcelona meetings (Jeff)
6 - Coordination with other Test areas (RegRep...) 


1- Status of our work on MS COnformance (Matt / Mike) 

- the MS CTTF released latest package of documents, for review. New for review: 
Enhanced schema for describing the Test Suite, syntax for building message data,
enhanced test trace schema. The test case definition specifies test steps, 
and which test driver/component should process these steps.
- XPath syntax is used to specify parts of a trace, parts of a message to substitute.
- Question again on how far "underlying standards", e.g. SOAP with attachment,
should be verified. Answer is that (1) we do not do exhaustive testing of these layers,
(2) we should however be able to diagnose whether the problem is at this layer, 
in case of test failure. So "some" well-formedness testing of underlying transport layers
need be done. Truth is, some implementations build from scratch on top of HTTP,
do not use pre-tested SOAP or even MIME packages.
- Should be able to identify which version of SOAP is used (just with namespace?).

2- Interoperability test suite: review (Prakash, Steve)
- the MS ITTF published a draft of Interop test cases, outlining a test plan (for review). 
- The test material will attempt to share mark-up / schema used for Conformance.
- Question: is "one-way" exchanges enough? It seems we do not need to involve
more elaborate exchanges involving the application layer of each party (business responses).
Only round-trips expected in test cases will be for receiving Acks (this only involves MSH
- Question: do we need to "sniff" on the wire - or need an MSH log trace - when doing 
Interop testing, (as opposed to observe/trace at application level only - e.g. 
"appl. test driver")? Some aspects may need validation at these lower levels.
One may argue that (a) some of these tests that concern the wire level, are really
same as COnformance tests done remotely (e.g. whether an Ack is well generated), 
(b) even for some features (like signature validation, encryption) handled at MSH level, 
the application-level contract may be all what we need to care about
(i.e.what is observed at app level, treating MSH as black box). E.g., message signed
with good key reaches receiver, bad key don't. To investigate. 

3- XML Europe update (Jeff Eck) 

- Jeff published info on logistics. IIC-only meeting planned for Tuesday 21st, 
9am-12. Detailed review of Conformance test and Interoperability test material.
Informal meetings should follow on same topic.
- so far about 6 IIC members will attend.
- other ebXML meetings (joint with ebTWG UN/CEFACT) will take place later.
> Tue 21 May, 08:00-17:00 Joint ebXML (technical) Meeting
> Wed 22 May, 14:00-17:00 Joint ebXML Marketing Meeting

4- DGI makes its Interoperability Test Suite available to IIC (Rik Drummond, Beth Morrow). 

- DGI has sent to OASIS a statement of release of its test suite, with no
IP claim on it, for IIC to use freely and integrate in its Interoperability test suite
to be published soon. Only requirements are (1) give credit to DGI in IIC test suite doc,
to the extent DGI tests are re-used, (2) users of IIC interope tests should not claim
doing "DGI interoperability test process". 
- DGI has sent to us a document describing more precisely the interop test cases.
Our ITTF team will review it. Reminder: DGI is organizing another round of interop testing 
this summer: IIC test suite should be ready by then.
- DGI has submitted to OASIS and us, a press release that indicates willingness
to comply with the future IIC interop test suite.
- some detailed questions. Q: Does DGI specify even the message payload content, or users
provide theirs? Rik: DGI supplies message content, small & large files. Q:Does DGI 
accommodate special interoperability requests form customers? Rik: that happens.

5- Status on Implementation Guidelines (Michael W.)
- Current Impl Guidelines draft is available on our site. It is still not
a "well-rounded" version (content is not covering several aspects.)
- Prakash mentioned a contact at Sun for getting implementation doc on MS.
Sun has conducted an ebXML survey among users/implementers, Prakash will get
this survey.

6- Coordination with other ebXML testing efforts.

- Some testing initiative is under way for ebXML Reg Rep. NIST is involved here,
the RegRep team defines test cases. Michael Kass will monitor this effort.
We plan to use the same mark-up to define RegRep tests.
- A particular aspect of RegRep testing is that the focus is on the payload of messages.
However, as long as the payload is XML, test case analysis and conditions markup (e.g. XPath)
should be reusable.
- Note that access to RegRep should be possible through either ebXML or plain SOAP.
Again, our test mark-up should still be valid here.


- Next teleconference planned for after XML Europe(Barcelona) meeting, likely
1 week after (June 3rd).

Jacques Durand
ebXML IIC chair

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