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Subject: [ebxml-iic] Configuration through CPPA templates?


I am working on a revised set of ebXML Test Case instances, based upon discussion in Barcelona. I am using the revised ebXMLTestSuite schema in CVS to author,
and was wondering if it may not be more suitable to use GetCPA and SetCPA XPath expressions and templates, like we use for GetMessage and SetMessage
to evaluate configuration conditions in tests?

The reason that I suggest this is in part based upon the complexity of the CPPA schema. If you look at the nesting of elements, and possible use of "0 or more"
of the same type of element within a CPPA, the use of  name/value pairs to express variations in a CPPA would be inefficient and incomplete, whereas using
XPath schema and template CPPAs would allow expression of any part of the CPPA in non-ambiguous terms. I've included a schema diagram of a CPPA to illustrate
my point.   Please look at:


Using XPath expressions to evaluate CPPA configuration and to set CPPA configuration would appear to be a more concise and unambigous way to express
configuration. Other configuration parameters that fall outside of CPPA could still be expressed using the name/value pair method defined in the <Configuration>

We can do a runtime evaluation of the CPPA configuration as a <TestStep>, using a CPPA template, in the same manner that we evaluate message content using templates.

My suggestion would be to use CPPA templates for both querying CPPA configuration, as well as setting CPPA configuration
( Although we may not start out dynamically changing the CPPA contract, I can envision tests in which we modify the CPPA as the first step in a conversation ).

I created a modified ebXMLTestSuite schema diagram in which I create a <SetCPA> element and a <GetCPA> element. These could be treated just like any other test step using templates. In order
to do configuration evaluation at any particular TestStep in a TestCase, one would have to express a <Condition> element in the ebXMLTestRequirements document ( which I think
is fair :), and a <TestStep> which evaluates the CPPA for that condition.

You can see the modified ebXMLTestSuite schema diagram at:


I left in the <Configuration> elements in the schema because I am not sure whether all configuration will be expressed through the CPPA.



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