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Subject: [ebxml-iic] Interoperability test cases we discussed in Barcelona

Title: RE: [ebxml-iic] [suggest] Sublist name change
I have documented the test matrix that we discussed at Barcelona following the new architecture and more in line with the "profiles" we discussed. These tests cover only HTTP as transport. I have also added a few Service actions for the MS Test Service based on the requirements of the tests. Please take a look and let's discuss in the conf call tomorrow. I have documented only the first five, and would complete the others (with Steve) after we have an agreement that the tests are OK.
Prakash Sinha
Prakash Sinha
Sr. Product Manager
Web Services Integration Platform
2350 Mission College Blvd, Suite 1200
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Tel (408) 350-9512
Fax (408) 350-3127
Cell (408) 393-6099

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