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Subject: [ebxml-iic] "Final" resend of level 1 requirements

Finally figured out mail problems. I apologize for
the bad attachments. Here is the level 1 requirements.

Title: OASIS ebxml-iic TC -> Requirements

OASIS ebxml-iic TC: Messaging Conformance Requirements

ID Name Test Coverage Specification Ref Condition Assertion
r0.1 Global Requirements for All Tests ebMS-2#1.3
r0.1.1 SchemaValidation full ebMS-2#1.3 REQUIRED:Supports all mandatory syntax defined in Core plus Additional Features
r1.1 PackagingSpecification ebMS-2#2
r1.1.2 GenerateConformantSOAPWithAttachMIMEHeaders partial ebMS-2#2.1.2 (The primary SOAP message is carried in the root body part of the message. AND The type parameter of the Multipart/Related media header is "text/xml" AND MIME parts must contain a CID MIME header or a Content-Locatio MIME header structured in accordanced with RFC 2557 AND The "start" parameter is present.) REQUIRED:All MIME headers generated for each Message Package are in conformance with the SOAP Messages with Attachments Specification.
r1.1.3 GenerateCorrectMessagePackageContent-Type full ebMS-2#2.1.2 REQUIRED:The Content-Type MIME header in the Message Package contains a type attribute of "text/xml".
r1.1.4 GenerateContent-IDStartValues full ebMS-2#2.1.2 RECOMMENDED:The Content-ID MIME header in any generated Message Package contains a start attribute identifying the first MIME part.
r1.1.5 ProcessNon-MultipartMessages full ebMS-2#2.1.2 REQUIRED:Received Non-Multipart SOAP messages are supported in instances where there are no payload sections.
r1.1.6 GenerateCorrectSOAPMessageContentType full ebMS-2# REQUIRED:The MIME Content-Type header for each generated SOAP Message has the value "text/xml".
r1.1.7 GenerateSpecificSOAPMessageCharacterSet partial ebMS-2# REQUIRED:The MIME Content-Type header of each generated SOAP Message specifies the character set used to generate the message.
r1.1.8 GenerateDefaultSOAPMessageCharacterSet none ebMS-2# RECOMMENDED:The UTF-8 character set is used by default when encoding each SOAP Message.
r1.1.9 ProvideEmptyManifestAndPayloadIntegrity full ebMS-2#2.1.4 (If there are no application payloads identified in the message header manifest” ) REQUIRED:There must not be any payload MIME parts
r1.1.10 ProvideManifestAndPayloadIntegrity full ebMS-2#2.1.4 REQUIRED:The contents of each payload MIME part are identified in the Manifest element within any generated SOAP body
r1.1.11 ProcessUnrecognizedMIMEHeaders partial ebMS-2#2.1.5 REQUIRED:Unrecognized MIME headers in any incoming MIME part are ignored
r1.1.13 GenerateXMLVersionInProlog full ebMS-2#2.2.1 (XML Prolog exists in the SOAP message) REQUIRED:XML version is declared
r1.1.14 ProvideXMLPrologEncodingAndMIMEContent-TypeIntegrity full ebMS-2#2.2.2 (XML Prolog exists in SOAP message AND Encoding is declared in the XML Prolog AND charset attribute is present in SOAP header container) REQUIRED:The encoding declaration matches the charset attribute of the Content-Type MIME header in the Header Container.
r1.1.15 GenerateCorrectExtensionElementNamespace full ebMS-2#2.3 REQUIRED:All ebXML extension elements included within generated SOAP Envelope, Header and Body elements are namespace qualified to: "http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-msg/schema/msg-header-2_0.xsd"
r1.1.16 GenerateCorrectEnvelopeSchemaLocation full ebMS-2#2.3.2 RECOMMENDED:Generated SOAP Envelope elements include the XMLSchema-instance namespace qualified schemaLocation attribute indicating the extended ebXML envelope schema: "http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-msg/schema/envelope.xsd"
r1.1.17 GenerateCorrectSOAPHeaderAndBodySchemaLocation full ebMS-2#2.3.2 RECOMMENDED:Generated SOAP Header and Body attributes both include a XMLSchema-instance namespace qualified schemaLocation attribute indicating the extended ebXML Msg Header schema "http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-msg/schema/msg-header-2_0.xsd"
r1.1.18 GenerateCorrectSOAPHeaderNamespace full ebMS-2#2.3.3 REQUIRED:A generated SOAP Header element is namespace qualified as per the SOAP namespace declaration in the SOAP Envelope element.
r1.1.19 GenerateCorrectSOAPBodyNamespace full ebMS-2#2.3.4 REQUIRED:A generated SOAP Body element is namespace qualified as per the SOAP namespace declaration in the SOAP Envelope element.
r1.1.20 GenerateOneMessageHeaderInSOAPHeader full ebMS-2# REQUIRED:A generated SOAP Header element always contains one ebXML MessageHeader element.
r1.1.21 GenerateCorrectForeignElementNamespaces full ebMS-2#2.3.6 REQUIRED:Any foreign namespace qualified elements present within generated ebXML extension elements are namespace qualified with a namespace that is not "http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-msg/schema/msg-header-2_0.xsd".
r1.1.22 GenerateIdAttributeToExtensionElements full ebMS-2#2.3.7 OPTIONAL:An XML ID attribute is supplied for each generated ebXML element (to assist with such tasks as specifying elements included in a digital signature).
r1.1.23 GenerateCorrectMessageHeaderVersion full ebXML-2#2.3.8 RECOMMENDED:A generated ebXML MessageHeader element always contains a version attribute with a value of "2.0"
r1.1.24 GenerateCorrectSOAPMustUnderstandNamespace full ebMS-2#2.3.9 REQUIRED:All ebXML extensions of the SOAP Header element (MessageHeader, SyncReply, MessageOrder, ...) contain the mustUnderstand attribute namespace qualified to the SOAP namespace (http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope).
r1.1.25 ProcessMustUnderstand partial ebMS-2#2.3.9 REQUIRED:Any received SOAP Header extension with a mustUnderstand attribute set to "1" that is not understood by the MSH will result in the message being rejected.
r1.2 CoreExtensionElements ebMS-2#3.1.1
r1.2.3 GenerateUniquePartyId full ebMS-2#3.1.1 REQUIRED:For a generated message, the value of any given type attribute must be unique within the list of PartyId elements contained within either the From or To element.
r1.2.5 ReportInconsistentPartyIdContent full ebMS-2# (Received message PartyId does not contain a type attribute AND Received message PartyId text node is not a URI) STRONGLY RECOMMENDED:MSH responds with an error (Inconsistent/Error)
r1.2.5.1 GenerateValidPartyIdContent full ebMS-2# (If generated PartyId contains a type attribute) RECOMMENDED:Its value is a URI
r1.2.5.2 GenerateValidPartyIdContent full ebMS-2# (If generated PartyId does not contain a type attribute) REQUIRED:Text content of the PartyId element must be a URI
r1.2.6 ReportFailedCPAIDResolution full ebMS-2#3.1.2 (If value of the CPAId element on an inbound message cannot be resolved) REQUIRED:The MSH responds with an error (NotRecognized/Error).
r1.2.9 ProvideConversationIdIntegrity partial ebMS-2#3.1.3 REQUIRED:The generated ConversationId will be present in all messages pertaining to the given conversation.
r1.2.10 ReportInconsistentServiceElementContent full ebMS-2# (If the received "type" attribute is not set. AND If the received Service element content is not a URI.) REQUIRED:MSH Responds with an error (Inconsistent/Error)
r1.2.10.1 GenerateConsistentServiceElementContent full ebMS-2# (If the generated Service element "type" attribute is not set.) REQUIRED:Generated Service element content must be a URI
r1.2.11 ReportUnrecognizedServiceAndOrAction partial ebMS-2#3.1.5 (If the receiving MSH does not recognize both the Service and Action values of an incoming message) REQUIRED: It responds with an error (NotRecognised/Error).
r1.2.14 ProvideRefToMessageIdIntegrity none ebMS-2# (If the RefToMessageId element within the MessageData element is present) REQUIRED: It contains the MessageId value of an earlier ebXML Message to which this message relates.
r1.2.15 GenerateRefToMessageId full ebMS-2# (If there is no earlier related message ) REQUIRED:The RefToMessageId element is never present.
r1.2.16 GenerateErrorRefToMessageId full ebMS-2# (If a previous message generated and error) REQUIRED:The RefToMessageId element is always present with a value indicating the message in error.
r1.2.18 ProcessTimeToLive full ebMS-2# (If the MSH receives a message for which it is the To Party MSH and the time of the internal clock is greater than TimeToLive ( adjusted to UTC )) REQUIRED:An error message is returned to the From Party MSH (TimeToLiveExpired/Error).
r1.2.18.1 GenerateValidUTCTime full ebMS-2# (If a TimeToLive element is present in a generated message.) REQUIRED:The generated TimeToLive element expresses time in UTC, and conform to the XML Schema dateTime.
r1.2.21 GenerateDistinctLangValuesForDescription full ebMS-2#3.1.8 RECOMMENDED:No two Description elements must have the same xml:lang attribute value
r1.2.22 GenerateNoPayloadOrApplicationDataInBodyOrManifest full ebMS-2#3.2 RECOMMENDED:No payload/application data is present in generated SOAP Body / ebXML Manifest elements.
r1.2.23 ReportNon-ExistentMIMEPartForManifestReference full ebMS-2#3.2.2 (If there is not a matching payload for the xlink:href element of a generated Manidfest/Reference element) REQUIRED:An error message is directed to the From Party MSH (MimeProblem/Error).
r1.2.24 ReportUnresolvableHREFInManifest full ebMS-2#3.2.2 (If the xlink:href element of a Manifest/Reference element on an inbound message specifies a URI that is not a content id (not "cid:"), and that cannot be resolved) OPTIONAL:The MSH reports an error to the From Party MSH (MimeProblem/Error)
r1.2.24.1 GenerateResolvableHREFInManifest full ebMS-2#3.2.2 OPTIONAL:The xlink:href element of a Manifest/Reference element on an inbound message specifies a URI that is a content id ("cid:"), and can be resolved
r1.2.25 ProcessUnreferencedPayloads none ebMS-2#3.2.2 (If a MIME payload part exists on an incoming message that is not referenced by a Manifest/Reference element) STRONGLY RECOMMENDED:It is discarded.
r1.4 ErrorHandling ebMS-2#4.2
r1.4.1 ProcessUpstreamSOAPFault none ebMS-2#4.2 REQUIRED:The MSH can accept and process SOAP Fault values from a downstream SOAP processor.
r1.4.2 GenerateCompliantSOAPFaults full ebMS-2#4.2 (If an MSH returns a SOAP Fault message to the sender of a SOAP message ) REQUIRED:The returned message conforms to the SOAP specification guidelines for SOAP Fault values.
r1.4.3 GenerateWarnings full ebMS-2#4.2 (When an ebXML message is reporting an error with a highestSeverity value of 'Warning') STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: It is not reported or returned as a SOAP Fault.
r1.4.4 ReportDataCommunicationErrors none ebMS-2#4.2.2 STRONGLY RECOMMENDED:Errors associated with data communications protocols are detected and reported using the standard mechanisms supported by that protocol and do not use ebXML reporting mechanisms.
r1.4.5 GenerateNoErrorList full ebMS-2#4.2.3 REQUIRED:In a generated message, the ErrorList extension element of the SOAP Header element is never present if there are no errors to be reported.
r1.4.6 ProvideErrorAndHighestSeverityIntegrity partial ebMS-2# REQUIRED:The highestSeverity attribute contains the highest severity of any Error elements generated in an outbound message.
r1.4.7 GenerateCorrectCodeContextValue full ebMS-2# REQUIRED:The codeContext attribute of any generated Error element is always a URI.
r1.4.8 GenerateCorrectCodeContextNamespaceValue full ebMS-2# RECOMMENDED:The namespace/scheme specified by codeContext for identifying errorCodes is the default value of urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-msg:service:errors.
r1.4.10 GenerateCorrectErrorSeverityValue full ebMS-2# REQUIRED:For each Error element generated the severity attribute has the value of Warning or Error indicating the severity of the error.
r1.4.11 ProvideXPointerAndErrorIntegrity partial ebMS-2# (If an error exists in an ebXML element ) REQUIRED:The location attribute of the Error element is an XPointer to the erroneous element.
r1.4.12 GenerateReferencedMIMEPartErrorsWithCID partial ebMS-2# (If an error exists in a generated payload MIME part) REQUIRED:The location attribute of the generated Error element contains the content-id (via a well-formed "cid:") of the erroroneous MIME part.
r1.4.13 GenerateErrorCodesUsingLongDescription full ebMS-2# REQUIRED:The "Long Description" text for each error code provided by the Message Service Specification appears in any relevant Error element.
r1.4.14 ReportErrorToMessageOrigin full ebMS-2# (When an MSH detects an error in a message) RECOMMENDED: The error is reported to the MSH that sent the original message in error.
r1.4.15 ProcessWithNoErrorReportLocation none ebMS-2# (If the error reporting location cannot be found) RECOMMENDED: The error is: Logged; Resolved by other means; and, No further action is taken.
r1.4.16 ProcessCPPAErrorURI full ebMS-2# (If the ErrorURI is implied in the relevant CPPA) OPTIONAL:Then this is used as the Error Report Location.
r1.4.17 ProcessWithNoCPPAErrorURIPresent full ebMS-2# (If the ErrorURI is unavailable in the relevant CPPA) OPTIONAL:A URI specified in the From Party of the message is used as the Error Report Location.
r1.4.19 GenerateServiceAndActionForErrorsFromIndependentMessage full ebMS-2# (If an ErrorList is included as part of an independent message ) REQUIRED:The values of Service and Action are; Service: urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-msg:service Action: MessageError
r1.4.20 ProcessErrorListWhereHighestSeverityEqualsError none ebMS-2# (If the message in error has an ErrorList element with highestSeverity set to Error) RECOMMENDED: The error is: Logged; Resolved by other means; and, No further action is taken.
r1.5 SynchReply ebMS-24.3
r1.5.1 ProcessSyncReply full ebMS-2#4.3.1 (If a SyncReply element is present in a message received over a synchronous communications protocol) OPTIONAL:That connection is kept open in expectation of the response message using the same connection.
r1.5.3 ReportMessageAndCPASyncReplyConflict full ebMS-2#4.3.1 (If the CPPA syncReplyMode is set to none AND SyncReply element is present in an inbound message) OPTIONAL:The MSH issues an error (Inconsistent/Error).
r1.5.4 GenerateAgreeingMessageAndCPASyncReply full ebMS-2#4.3.1 (If the CPPA syncReplyMode is set to none) OPTIONAL:SyncReply must not be present in generated message.

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