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Subject: [ebxml-iic] Minutes and more

Title: Minutes and more


1. Minutes attached.

2. Note the general agenda of the Interop sub-team face-to-face this Friday.
If you have anything to add or comment on, please do.
It is a good time to review the current draft of Interop test suite
as posted currently, and send us questions. We'll arrange "call-in sync time",
where you'll have a chance to intervene remotely and get briefed without having to
spend the day on the phone...




Minutes of IIC October 21, 2002
Call info:

Time: Monday October 21th,  10am PT. 
SeeBeyond  hosting (Pete Wenzel)
Dialing information is as follows:
US Toll-Free: 866-628-8003
International: +1 630-424-4862
Passcode: 8500499# 

Minute taker: Jacques Durand


Mike Kass (NIST)
Jaques Durand (Fujitsu)
Jeff Turpin (CycloneCommerce)
Monica Martin (DrakeCertivo)
Pete Wenzel (SeeBeyond)
Steve Yung (Sun)


1. Interoperability Test suite (Steve / Hatem)
- points on the agenda of sub-team f-2-f end of week.

2. Status on external initiatives and liaisons : 
(OAG/NIST, ECOM, CEN/ISSS, UeB Architecture Impl. guide) 
Joint Marketing Committee: Monica suggests we need a representative there.

3. Deployment templates (Pete)
- current status, how we work with EAN on an instance.

4. test Case material and MS COnformance suite  (Mike, Matt)
- status on the test case definitions.


1. Interoperability Test suite: 

- Interop sub-team face-to-face this Friday 9am - 3pm+
(Steve, Hatem, Jacques, and whoever is interested to join), 
at IPNetSolution place (Hatem), Orange County.
Pre-meeting on Thursday (5-7pm for who can make it), for a first round on
issues to be discussed, and review of other test suites (UCC/DGI, ECOM). 
On Friday, we'll try to set-up some "call-in sync times", 
typically 30mn end of morning, 30mn in afternoon,
where remote folks get a briefing of what is going on, and can voice issues 
and questions.
- goals: 
o- finalize basic interop profile(s), relationship with UCC/DGI and ECOM test suites,
overall policy for our test suites with regard to options (e.g. handling of protocol 
options HTTP, SMTP...).
o- finalize specification of the test harness for interop: what are the assumptions
on the architecture (so far, no sniffing on the wire is required for initial 
profiles), how to drive the test cases, how detailed the specification of the
architecture / test material should be.
o- detailed description of the test cases (test steps, verification conditions,
actions used in Test Service, CPA used), review of scripting material developed
for MS conformance (Mike).
- Target: completion of draft (V0.4), so that we have a complete draft V0.5
end of October.

2. External initiatives:
- We need to follow what is going on with more attention, establish
liaisons to each external initiative.
- freebXML (www.freebxml.org) is one of them. Matt WcKenzie propose to be
our liaison here (anyone opposed?)
- OAG/NIST Testbed: Monica believes that IIC  should promote its test framework
to OAG and similar forums (new B2B testing initiatives around ebXML in Asia
and Europe). She will draft a proposal on this. Can be seen as a deployment
guideline and methodology for ebXML testing, that emphasizes the "maintenance"
aspect of B2B testing (or "interim", as this would allow for incremental
and regression testing between major "matrix" testing rounds.)
- CEN/eBES: Steve is following this.
- Joint Marketing Team (JMT) (between OASIS - UN/CEFACT). We need to be represented 
here. More than 300 vendors and Analyzsts, marketing people are in their list.
We need be ready to communicate what we do, provide press release material...
Monica, Pete, Mike will help here. 
- UeB Architecture Implementation Guideline for ebXML (UN-CEFACT / OASIS architecture group).
Tony Fletcher will publish an initial proposal, that we can review - discussions
whther that should be owned by IIC.
- ECOM test suites available on ECOM site. To discuss in interop f-2-f. 
(docs have no more layout problems due to font)
- RosettaNet: Pete believes we should contact the new chief architect
(from SterlingCOmmerce).

3. MS Deployment templates / EAN guidelines (Pete):

- Pete published the first instance of his MS Deployment Template,
resulting from a mapping of EAN "TRP implementation guidelines".
- All material from EAN could be mapped so far. We'll post it on our site.
- points discussed: references to external EAN specs need be confirmed,
made more precise possibly (action item for EAN folks). Numbering still
needs be worked on. Could be that a different table format be considered
for convenience and layout.
- need to get that double checked by EAN (Thomas?), and also get Thomas
feedback on overall template.

4. Test Case Material and MS Conformance Test Suite: (Edited by Michael Kass)

- Mike published latest state of MS conforamnce test cases. Up to 95 test cases
so far have been detailed. Test case script syntax looks homogeneous:
All message expressions are XPath - conforming. 
- We'll need to specify "collateral" (explanatory) material : how the MIME 
envelope has been cast ("abstracted") to XML for convenience of description, 
what CPAs are used, exacti semantics of parameter handling.
- details on timeout conditions, timing between steps, and special conformance 
tests, need be finalized.
- next step is first cut at the entire suite, with a list of remaining issues 
to solve...


- Next teleconference planned for Monday, October 28th, 10am Pacific time.
SeeBeyond (Pete Wenzel) volunteered to host the calls during October.
US Toll-Free:   866-628-8003
International:  +1 630-424-4862
Passcode:       8500499#

(weekly until we wrap-up our specs.)

Jacques Durand
ebXML IIC chair

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