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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic] FreebXML

On Monday, October 21, 2002, at 06:06 PM, Jacques Durand wrote:
To do things in the proper way, we'll need to hear first if there is
anyone else from IIC interested in being a liaison to freebXML.
(in which case we would have to vote.)

By all means. I must point out, however, that only people on the steering committee could carry out this role, as there is just the steering committee and the website, and that is the organization in a nutshell :-) Its not a high intensity post either.

Question: I may not have searched enough on www.freebxml.org, but
what would be the licensing policy of freebXML? (similar to Apache?)
I think that is important for would-be contributors and their legal dept.
I certainly do hope we'll see some reference implementation for the
test framework with some open source status.

The license in use is not firmly defined, as Farrukh noted, but I think the Academic License is a great choice. I'm a firm believer that free software should be "free", thats why I lean toward the BSD-based licenses. I even have stuff floating around under the Artistic License!

(Also hope your "real" job will leave you enough time for IIC activities,
which are not just "virtual" :)

You know how it is, revenue generation comes first...everything else is secondary. Oh how I miss the .com days where we were excused from reality :-) The invisible hand has back handed us out of the garden.


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