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Subject: REMINDER: [ebxml-iic] Minutes of interop f-2-f and last call,+ n ext call Nov 11th

Title: Minutes of interop f-2-f and last call, + next call Nov 11th
just a reminder... (now bi-weekly conf calls)
-----Original Message-----
From: Jacques Durand [mailto:JDurand@fsw.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 4:11 PM
Subject: [ebxml-iic] Minutes of interop f-2-f and last call, + next call Nov 11th


Attached are the combined minutes of interop subteam f-2-f,
with Monday 28 call.

We decided to get back to a bi-weekly call instead of a weekly call,
as it seems we loose in amplitude what we gain in frequency...
(not everyone can afford to attend every week, and attendance gets spotty.)

Consequently, the next call will be Monday November 11th, 10am PT.
Host: Fujitsu
Toll free number: 1-877-801-2058
International Number:1-712-257-6652
Participant passcode: 309951

Next call we should have an almost complete draft of basic MS Interop test suite,
except for the scripting of Test Cases (where we'll need Mike's help)


1. MS Interop spec: review of current draft, remaining issues, editorial aspects.
- positioning w/regard to external intiiatives (UCC/DGI, ECOM, eBES).

2. Status on external initiatives and liaisons :
(OAG/NIST, ECOM, CEN/eBES, UeB Architecture Impl. guide)
- the "interim testing" proposal, as deployment guide for test framework (Monica)

3. Deployment templates (Pete)
- template status
- current state of EAN instance (posted on our site), what status in OASIS.

4. test Case material and MS COnformance suite  (Mike, Matt)
- status on the test case scripting.
- remaining issues.



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