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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic] next call: Monday Nov 25th - need host


   NIST can host the call. I will arrange and send details to follow.


At 02:06 PM 11/15/2002 -0800, Jacques Durand wrote:


We need someone to volunteer to host the next call, Monday 25th.

We'll mostly concentrate on our specs, and gear-up for internal release
(objective: vote as TC spec by - or around - year-end...)
- TestFramework
- MS Conformance Suite
- MS Interop Suite

1. MS Interop spec: review of current draft:(Steve Yung)
- editorial status.
- detail scripting of test cases.
2. Test Framework spec (Jacques, Mike)
- spec of the scripting material.
- spec of the framework architecture components.
3. MS COnformance suite (Mike, Matt)
- status on the test case scripting.
- how to package the whole suite (test reqs + test cases + introduction material).
4. Deployment templates (Pete)
- template status
- current state of EAN instance (posted on our site).



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