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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic] minutes and more

Title: minutes and more


minutes attached.

Note the next call will be Monday, December 9th.
(anyone willing to host?)

This call is important as we normally vote on submission of test material for review by the TC.
(to be confirmed by our editors)
Candidate documents:
- ebXML Test Framework
- MS Interoperability Test Suite.
- MS Conformance Test Suite, will be submitted 1 week later or so, ( mid-Dec)




Minutes of IIC November 25, 2002

Call info:

Host: NIST (Michael Kass)
CALL DATE: NOV-25-2002 (Monday)
USA Toll Free Number: 888-455-9647
USA Toll Number: +1-630-395-0053

Minute taker: Jacques Durand


Mike Kass (NIST)
Jaques Durand (Fujitsu)
Pete Wenzel (SeeBeyond) 
Monica Martin (DrakeCertivo)
Eric VanLydegraf (Kinzan)
Steve Yung (Sun)


1. MS Interop spec: review of current draft:(Steve Yung) 
- editorial status.
- detail scripting of test cases. 
2. Test Framework spec (Jacques, Mike) 
- spec of the scripting material. 
- spec of the framework architecture components. 
3. MS COnformance suite (Mike, Matt)
- status on the test case scripting.
- how to package the whole suite (test reqs + test cases + introduction material). 
4. Deployment templates (Pete)
- template status
- current state of EAN instance (posted on our site). 


1. Interoperability Test suite (Steve): 

- Based on Mike Dillon feedback, Steve will revisit the Acks interop tests? (1.8 to 1.12)
Some of the combinations Ack-payload signed/unsigned do not seem to belong to a 
basic interop profile, but to a more advanced one. (Basic interop profile is intended
to support, as its name says, basic interoperability requirements.)
- Steve taking over the editing of Interop draft. (will get the activity diagrams
from Jacques) Should produce an updated version by Dec 2.
- scripting of test cases still needed. Jacques will work on it, with help
from Mike.
- plans are to vote by Dec 9th Monday call, for submission of MS basic interoperability
profile spec to TC review, ending (30 days later) by a vote as a TC spec.
- Monica mentioned that the eBES f-2-f will take place in Europe, Dec 11-12.
By then we should have our interop spec ready (i.e. in review process).

2 & 3. Test Framework and MS COnformance suite  (Mike, Matt)

- Mike updated the MS test case script material to handle MIME envelopes
in a more convenient way, with a full XML mapping. The notion of "message store"
(or "log") per test case is also specified. Test driver configuration elements 
are added. By the time these notes are written, Jacques has already sent back his
review of the draft to Mike. Whoever wants to see this review, just email to Jacques
- The next step is to migrate test script material specifications out of the 
MS conformance spec, into the Test Framework specification (because is not specific to
MS conformance suite, but will be shared also by MS Interop suite and more.)
- Monica asked if the MS tests will require XML payloads. Mike said no: EDI docs
can be used as well, the scripting material, even if XML-based, is orthogonal to
this content. (even though the script language could manipulate payload content,
there won't be a need to. The "payloadValidate" test service action is a hardcoded
function that compares files, and does not make any assumption on content.)
- Plans for Test Framework spec: plan is to vote by Dec 9th Monday call, for submission  
to TC review, ending (30 days later) by a vote as a TC spec.
- Plans for MS conformance spec: plan is to vote by Dec 16th Monday , for submission  
to TC review, ending (30 days later) by a vote as a TC spec.

4. Deployment templates 

- Template V0.3 posted on our site for review. Eric V.L. reviewed it and sent comments.
- Pete will make another pass to it.
- Thomas B. (could not attend the call) will consequently adjust the EAN template instance.
- Plans for MS Deployment Template: plan is to vote by Dec 16th Monday , for submission  
to TC review, ending (30 days later) by a vote as a TC spec.
- After talks with Karl Best, the EAN instance (posted on our site), could become
a TC technical report or guideline (as an application of Deployment Template),
after vote by TC. (probably not appropriate as an OASIS standard at this time.)

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