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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: last minutes, reminder call this morning

Title: last minutes, reminder call this morning


attached minutes from last call.


Reminder for this morning:

Time: Monday May 19, 11am PT
Host: Fujitsu
Toll free: 1-877-801-2058
Intl Number:1-712-257-6652
Passcode: 309951

1. Finishing-up the MS conformance specs. (Mike / Jacques)
- overall plan to wrap-it up. What the spec doc should look like (can we group test cases?)
- non-normative test scripts in a separate doc, can be published after?
2. Test suites for other specs:
- How should we involve other TCs to write their own test requirements.
- BPSS testing (Serm)
3. TestFramework implementation status, and future upgrades (Mike Kass, Tim Sakach, Serm K.):
- Implementations under way (Tim Sakach )
- what IP status can we expect from current implementations (licensing, open src, reference impl...)
- Proposed extensions for next version (Serm, Mike).
4. External related activities (Monica)
- eBES activity
- OAG.NIST testbed
- how to address global interop, role of BIP test suite, issues in
using a "reference" testbed or tools.
- other

IIC Conference Call Minutes: Monday, 12 May, 2003

Mike Kass (NIST)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Monica Martin (Sun)
Steve Yung (Sun)
Pete Wenzel (SeeBeyond)
Mike Dillon (DGI)
Serm Kulvatunyou (NIST)

Minutes taker: Jacques Durand

Time: Monday May 12, 11am PT
Host: Fujitsu
Toll free: 1-877-801-2058
Intl Number:1-712-257-6652
Passcode: 309951

1. Overall status of the voted specs:
-  formatting/publishing on site. (Jacques/Mike/Pete)
- PR / marketing (Monica)
- references to the test scripts

2. Report on XML Europe / London (Jacques/Monica)
- overall + our papers,
- interop presentations, eBES
- how to address global interop
- P.Ganon on how to use IIC test suites for branding (use 3rd party certif. services?)

3. Finishing-up the MS conformance specs. (Mike / Jacques)
- what is still to be done (if test scripts are non-normative and 
in a separate doc, what is left to do in core spec).

4. TestFramework status, and implementation work (Mike Kass, Tim Sakach): 
- Implementations under way (Tim Sakach )
- Proposed extensions for next version (Serm,Mike).


1. Status of the TC specs 

. BIP test suite: we need to remove the "conformance" reference which is confusing.
List of contributors need be on front-page, with authors list. Need to add as
contributors, ECOM / DGI / eBES. Jacques/Mike will do.
. Need add the versioning table at the end of BIP.
. Need to add links to the Non-Normative material (test suite scripts, CPA)
and to upload this collateral material. For the test scripts, a package with HTML +
XML version is fine. Schema used should also be added.
Jacques/Mike will do.
. Press: Monica waiting for our review before passing a press release to OASIS / JMT. 
All final spec material must be posted on our site before release is out.

2. Report on XML Europe / London (Jacques/Monica)
.Good attendance of the ebXML showcase, strong presence of European users.
Live demo of eBES, on a supply chain prototype.
.Jacques presented "The ebXML Test Framework and the challenges of B2B testing"
mostly summarizing the work of IIC. Both slides and HTML paper available
(we'll post them on our site.)
. Monica made a presentation on the notion of test centers. All these had
a good audience.
. Global Interop: IIC should support initiativesfor global (as opposed to reginonal)
interop testing. The BIP is one step towards this.
. Monica: if several test tools are used, they must be verified as conforming.
Issue in using different test centers / test tools across regions.
. Patrick Ganon mentioned that OASIS may consider supporting certification
programs (e.g. using 3rd party services), e.g. based on IIC test framework and
test suites. To follow.

3. Finishing-up the MS conformance specs. (Mike / Jacques)

. As the MS BIP test suite is published, we need to wrap-upquickly
the MS conformacne test suite, since we claimed using the BIP should normally
follow after conformance verification.
. Most of the conformance material is already written (216 test cases,
test requirements). Mostly editorial work needs be done. We had interrupted
MS work mostly because our priorities had shifted to test framework and to BIP,
for tactical reasons. But now is time to complete.
. We need to split the main conf test suite spec, from the test case scripts,
as we did for BIP.
. We need to express each test case (or groups of test cases) in terms of 
flow diagrams, like in BIP. The BIP format will serve as blueprint.

4. Other specs.
(no time for TestFramework status, and implementation work)
. Serm: will complete very soon a proposal for BPSS testing.


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