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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic] review of 0.92 conf test suite

Michael Kass wrote:

> Jacques,
>    Thanks for your suggestions on modifying the ebXML MS Conformance 
> Test Suite.
>    I have also taken a shot at rewording the section pertaining to 
>  the abstract test suite, along with providing definitions of
> Abstract Test Case and Executable Test Case.  I borrowed much of your 
> wording and incorporated it into
> the document.
>   Rather than try to merge my sections with yours ( which will make 
> for a very unreadable document ) I
> am attaching only that small section where the changes were made, for 
> comparison and discussion at today's
> meeting.

mm1: This looks pretty good and is clear.  I'm at a F2F and will call in 
briefly if possible. Thanks.

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