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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic] call Monday 11am PT

Title: call Monday 11am PT
   Attached are my comments for today's conf call.  In short, here are the highlights:
Test Requirement #2 - How to write an abstract test to represent testing all global syntax and semantics,
as specified in ebMS.  I don't think that one abstract test can do that, but that the combination of ALL abstract
tests can reasonably conclude conformance to syntax and semantics of ebMS specification
Test Requirement #56 I do not believe that we disagree about what the specification is saying… 
I believe it  is saying  (rather poorly, and Pete and I agreed) if there are no errors, there is no errorlist…
NOT there are no “empty” ErrorLists present in a message…. Comments?
I've also added some typo/grammar changes to the Abstract Test Suite section that you wrote.
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Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 1:48 PM
Subject: [ebxml-iic] call Monday 11am PT


Attached, minutes from last call.

Next call this Monday 15th, 11am PT.


1. Status of MS conformance test suite spec. (Mike Kass editor)
- Status of current draft of MS conf test suite. Proposed modifications.
- abstract test cases : definitions (vs. executable).
- test reqs coverage column review.

2. Test Framework:
- next Test Framework spec updates and maintenance release.

3. Next ebXML specifications:
- BPSS test update (Serm K., Monica M.)
- RegRep test req works (Mike)

4. Report on the "new" ebXML Joint COmmittee:
- latest conf call covered future role of JC, ideas around coordination of TCs,
need for some marketing, compatibility matrix for versions of various ebXML components.
- dissolving the JCC with CEFACT.

5. Users and implementation work:
- Drake Certivo conformance tests status.
- ebMS global interop testing contemplated by ECOM.
- IIC members demo (Test Framework, test suites) at XML 2003, 7-12 December




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