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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: next call Monday 11am PT

Title: next call Monday 11am PT


call this week:

Time: Monday September 22, 11am PT
Host: Fujitsu
Toll Free - : 1-800-251-6413
Toll - : 1-913-905-1400
Participant code: 598136


1. Status of MS conformance test suite spec. (Mike Kass editor)
- Status of latest modifications, current draft of MS conf test suite.
(abstract vs. executable test cases, test req coverage)
- can we freeze for a short review period before voting?

2. Test Framework:
- requirements for new features? (Tim S.)
- Test Framework update candidates and maintenance release.

3. Next ebXML conformance testing:
- BPSS test requirements (Serm K., Mike K.)
- RegRep test req works (Mike)

4. External and implementation initiatives:
- Drake Certivo conformance tests status.
- Global interop testing (how to promote BIP?)
- eBES demo at XML 2003, 7-12 December (Monica)
- new JC: compatibility matrix for versions of various ebXML components.



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