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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] FW: Versioning and Compatibility Issues from ebXMLJC

>Moberg: (1)  We feel there is a need for an OASIS-wide way to implement shema
>versioning and documentation across OASIS approved schemas.
>More generally, specifications should include a formal representation
>of their version number, e.g. using a common XML document format.
>All this would make it easier to obtain, query, and process the
>version number of an implementation.
>(2) We also feel there is a need for a common way to represent
>compatibility links to other specs.  While the ebXML Joint Technical
>Liaison Team  is developing an ebXML standards compatibility matrix, a
>more formal way to code a compatibility matrix (for integration as well as
>interoperability) is required across OASIS, ideally a model that could be processed by a
>tool and well understood across specifications.
mm1: Dale, Two suggestions:
1. On versioning, you may wish to ask Karl Best, because a small team 
that spawned from the interoperability sessions that took place in 2002 
developed a set of 15 or so data elements relevant to the description of 
a standard in a conformant fashion.  This took into account the source 
of the specification, version, etc.  This may be more comprehensive that 
you may require (but may give you the relevant subset that you need).  I 
believe it was also based on the review of ISO 11179.  This information 
about the specification is really metadata to query the approved 
schema/specification. Perhaps you can learn from this work. See Karl as 
I don't believe I have a copy of their output.  Karl can answer if this 
metadata recommendation is being used in the development of the XML 
registry for OASIS.

2. Perhaps this can be an enhancement to information in #1.


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